Xiamen Huaxia University




Xiamen Huaxia Vocational College offers students a diverse range of organizations and activities for its students。 There are more than 60 clubs and activities hosted by two departments at the school, each providing students the opportunity to innovate, explore and interact。 Whether students are interested in filling time on the weekends, meeting new classmates or finding an outlet for a favored pastime, there’s plenty for them to choose between。



Huaxia’s student union is active throughout our college campus; it offers students 37 clubs and activities with a focus on enriching the cultural and entertainment aspects of our small community. From performance-related organizations, such as hip-hop and drum club, to advertising and design-related organizations, students have the chance to gain valuable experience, meet students with common interests and learn life skills such as self-management and discipline through a variety of outlets.



For students who are interested in volunteering their time to the surrounding community, the Youth Volunteer Association offers them the chance to take action. Within three years, the association engaged nearly 8000 volunteers in over 100 community service projects both on and off campus. There are volunteer groups that are devoted to assisting seniors and disabled citizens, as well as those focused on strengthening the environmental aspects of the Xiamen community. Small acts can make a big difference, and Huaxia College offers students the opportunity to encourage widespread change and progression.