Xiamen Huaxia University




Huaxia scholars and researchers are committed to research development and innovation in order to improve the technologies that occupy our daily lives. Our four research programs rely heavily on local governments and industry in order to find the best solutions to everyday situations. In order to improve Huaxia’s research proficiency, our researchers emphasize fabrication and education during the research process in order to gain a comprehensive view of day-to-day technologies. This research does more than simply examine the many facets of human life – it seeks to transform and improve them.

In 2011, Huaxia College was rated among the province’s top 55 Vocational colleges. Its research program ranked first among all. As of this year, ¥2 million was allocated toward funding Huaxia’s collaborative research endeavors with China’s 863 Program, as well as several local businesses and municipalities. Together with Xiamen Standards Scientific Instrument Co., we built R & D laboratories, a facility dedicated to developing rapid detection devices, and patented two research developments.

Scientific Research Programs

No. Name Est. Level
1 Environmental Monitoring Research Center of Xiamen 2011 Municipal (Xiamen)
2 Food and Drug Safety Laboratory 2010 Municipal (Xiamen)
3 Analysis and Test Lab 2010 National Metrology Certification
4 Product Quality and Food Safety Analysis: Engineering Research Center of Fujian Province 2008 Provincial (Fujian)