Xiamen Huaxia University




Situated along the southeastern coast of the Fujian Province, Xiamen Huaxia Vocational College opens its doors to regional and international scholars as a full-time, nonprofit vocational institution. The college was founded in 1993 by Cai Wanghuai, a former chairman of the XPPCC (Xiamen People’s Political Consultative Conference), and is committed to occupational and educational training and skill development.

With its motivated and open-minded student body and its talented faculty and administration, XHVC is a leader of its kind and cultivates well-rounded mentalities and skillsets through its dedication to outstanding instruction. The college offers 37 majors to its 6,000 undergraduate students; a variety of training programs and course offerings—from 3D Animation to Finance and Accounting—support a range of intellectual interests.

As a part of the XHVC’s internship program, the campus offers students an

internship lab building that houses over 110 labs delegated to provide interns aconvenient and efficient working environment.These modern facilities, which also include laboratories, athletics fields, a library and an administration building, are located amid Xiamen’s bustling urban setting. Here, students have quick access to the city’s public transportation and downtown area.

上海快3是什么彩票Nonetheless, the college encourages its students to see beyond their time at XHVC and develop their understanding of global cultures, mentalities and enterprises. In order to broaden its students’ worldview, XHVC hosts an exchange program with universities both near and far. This program includes affiliations with Illinois Central College, National Taichung University of Science and Technology, and the Hong Kong Institute of Technology. In addition, XHVC organized a postgraduate program with Hong Kong Baptist University, which offers students the opportunity to build upon their education at XHVC.